Monday, October 29, 2012

Zombie Survival Kits and Zombie Survival Gear! Do Your Really Need It?

The zombie apocalypse is near. Some people even believe that it is already here. The question is, are you ready to fight the hundreds, if not millions of corpses who have all come back to life without awareness for one reason or another?
What is a zombie apocalypse
A zombie attack can break down and destroy society so every human being who treasures life on earth should read up on the best zombie survival guide. An outbreak may be confined in a small town in the beginning but can immediately engulf the whole world in just a few years or even months, leading to the apocalypse.
People are referring to the end of the world as something spiritual. Those in the know are aware that they have to start preparing their zombie survival kits because the end of the world will happen because of the rise of the zombies. It can start by a small infestation but can ultimately become an epidemic that can kill the whole world. The virus is powerful enough to infect government organizations and military installations creating a panic all over the world.
The movie Night of the Living Dead has become everyone's glaring clue about the possible invasion of the undead. Many films have followed suit and have given their own warnings to humanity.
Get your very own zombie survival gear
Now that you have heard of the impending attack by the ambulant corpses who are out to eat your brains and make you into another ambulant corpse, have you started to prepare your own zombie survival kits? If you have been reading the right zombie survival guide books, then you have probably realized that you need the following zombie survival gear to survive the apocalypse:
- A semi-auto assault rifle with ammunition and an extra 600 rounds of ammunition in case you need to kill more zombies
- Reloading your gun can be the extra time needed by the zombies to run you down so you better stock up on machetes or hatchets to survive the attack
- A sturdy backpack that can carry your food supply and zombie survival kits
- A sleeping bag that can keep you refreshed anywhere until your next battle with the undead
- Area map to keep you a step ahead of your enemies and also to familiarize you with bodies of water as well as roads and alternate roads.
- Compass to show you the right direction
- Radio to keep abreast of the news
- First Aid Health Kit
- Dehydrated food or MREs
- A good supply of potable water
Make a shortlist of the things you need to create your zombie survival kits and look for them online. The various online shops will provide you with the best selections of zombie kits and survival gears.
There is no doubt there is a zombie craze happening right now throughout the world.
For some it is a fascination and love for great horror. For others it's a conscious effort to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Whatever the case may be for you - we've got you covered.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Flying in a Tube Within the Atmosphere - New Theory of Efficient Flight

Okay so, aerospace engineers and all the research and development departments of all the engineering schools and colleges in the country are constantly coming up with more efficient ways to build an aircraft, and anticipating new materials to do it with. That's incredible really; we've come a long way since the Wright brothers, who can deny that? Nevertheless, we keep talking about modifying the aircraft, why isn't anyone talking about modifying the atmosphere that the aircraft is flying through?
You would think that was an obvious question, surely it has occurred to someone, and yet very few aerospace students that I've ever mentioned this to have ever followed along without first giving me a blank stare. I would submit to you that we have the capacity now to drill holes in the atmosphere, creating a situation where we can fly through evacuated air, air molecules which have been pushed aside allowing us to fly without dealing with the air pressure of the relative wind.
As I have explained this concept to various aerospace engineers over the last 15-years and my theory of how to do this, they agree that it can be done, although they are not physicists so they don't know exactly how to do it, only they agree in theory that it could be done, and once it's done we must then redesign the aircraft; precisely! Rather than designing the aircraft for flying through the atmosphere as we know it, we should be changing the atmosphere and flying through this evacuated airspace using a more suitable platform and design. Okay so let's talk about designs, conceptually that is, and if this bothers you let's pretend were talking about UFOs or something like that, and playing around with science fiction fantasyland - this way you can suspend your belief system just long enough to get your mind out of the wind tunnel and into a new space, literally.
You see, there was an interesting article in the Practical Sailor Journal back in the early 90s which had a couple of pictures of a unique design for a tandem keel which was designed by Paul Thackaberry. It was 9,000 pounds, it had a "fairly standard NACA lead foil which prepares water flow for the trailing WGA style foil and flattened bulb which helps reduce drag." Now then, this design would lend itself well to my new theory of atmospheric modification for efficient flight.
There was another interesting design which was on a 60' boat in the same journal. The Groupe Sceta had a very deep keel, 14' in fact, with a long wing like support that looked like a wing, consider an early model Beechcraft Bonanza with those non-flying tip tanks, it kind of looked like that.
By having the engines and motors on the outside in the regular air, and flying the fuselage of the aircraft within the evacuated non-atmospheric tube we've created we can still have air for the jet engines and even thicker air because it is bunched up and it came from the center or where we are now operating the aircraft, non-air-craft, spacecraft, or whatever you wish to call it. Wouldn't that work a lot better, imagine that? Imagine the performance, acceleration, fuel economy, efficiency, and the ability to carry extremely large loads.
Such a strategy could even work for hypersonic flight. Of course that's a whole other topic, which I may or may not get into in an upcoming article, it might be better suited for black projects, although I do have some cool sketches. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. And yes, I can be reached by e-mail.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Desalination and Water Transportation in the Middle East for Oasis Building Considered

Indeed, I've always wondered why oil pipelines didn't re-harness the energy it took to pressurize them and send the oil through those long tubes, and recycle it to bring in water, as it is a similar density. Have you ever been to a modern port where they pick up cargo containers? The lifting system now picks up a cargo container and put it onto the ship, it then has enough energy and leverage to take another container back, and so on. Think about how wise that is in the conservation of energy, and to think that it is only simple physics which allows this, well, it gives us hope for the other strategy I mentioned above.
Now then, let's say you were in the Middle East, and you wished to bring in ocean water using a separate pipe, but recycle the energy as you pump the oil out and into the pipeline. Once you bring the ocean water inland, you could then desalinate it, you might use natural gas which is also abundant in the region as your energy source. Once you had freshwater you can create an abundant of oasis like city. Of course, you might choose a different method, something more technologically advanced, something that hasn't been tried by humans as of yet.
Why not use laser evaporation techniques on the surface of the water to create clouds in the sky? Why not guide these clouds and keep them together using a specific frequency bombardment to align the molecules, allowing them to hold more water? Why not use lasers to vacate the air in front of the clouds which would suck the clouds along, and allow you to steer them as you go? And then, once you reach your destination, and put those clouds over the reservoirs you created, then why wouldn't you just turn off the frequency holding those molecules together, allowing the cloud to fall apart releasing all the water in the form of rain?
That's another way to transport the water. The only difference between an arid region and an agricultural one is water. Did you know the City of Los Angeles California was nothing more than a desert area until the Chandlers brought in the water? Now look at it, is the largest city in the United States of America. There are many giant cities in the world where water was diverted from rivers, or lakes to allow us to build these megacities.
Desalination is one way to make the water fresh and there are several others. In the future we may use a scheme similar to what I described above, who knows? The water is the key factor here, how you bring it in via canals, suction strategies, pressurized pipes, or modifying weather patterns doesn't matter as much as the fact that you actually do bring in the water. With water all things are possible. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tell Me Something I Don't Know or Have Not Thought of - Okay I Will

Often when we talk about air pollution we talk about various gases and compounds, but what we should really be talking about is how they combine together. For instance if there is CO2 from a smokestack, and there is also sulfur in the air, and other pollutants they form and make additional compounds. Some of these compounds might combine with organic matter and the moisture in the air. The amount of heat, sunlight, and static in the air also make a difference. We can prove this in a lab. In fact the University of Riverside in California has a very interesting atmospheric simulation lab for this very purpose.
Now then, I would like to bring something else up. There was an interesting article in the September 3, 2012 issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek titled "the End of Flying Blind," by Alan Levin and Thomas black which spoke about how many airlines were switching from radar to GPS so that they might fly a more direct route. When we have frequency which is shot with power into air molecules it changes the dynamics of the formation of the compounds within the air and thus, how those particles and compounds come together and it makes a difference.
If we remove all the radars, and all that old technology and replace it with low energy GPS units from satellites, they we will change the amount of frequency in our atmosphere, especially in areas where there are many airports, and other frequency plumes from various communication devices. Consider if you will that almost all of the frequency spectrum today is being used for communication purposes, and that's a lot of bombardment through the atmosphere especially at lower altitudes. It is indeed thickening the air (molecular alignment), and causing the molecules to come together at a higher rate.
When this happens overwater off our coast line it also changes the dynamics of the wavelet droplet salt-spray and evaporation process, the formation of clouds, and although it only does this to a very small degree, it does make a difference, and it does matter, and we must do research to find out how much. We do know that the government HAARP project did affect localized weather and cloud formations. Less frequency pollution would mean thinner air, and less clumping together of the pollution which is already there.
Interestingly enough many geo-engineers who are talking about how to modify our atmosphere and control climate warming have suggested that putting more particles in the air can help block sunlight. Well, more frequency in the atmosphere increases particle accumulation and molecule formation as well. Sometimes I feel as if humans are not putting all the components together, and therefore can't understand why their data isn't coming out right.
One University working with the NOAA and the U.S. Navy is using special frequency and sensors to study the El NiƱo effect, but as they add energy to the system and the atmosphere they are no longer only observing it, they are also affecting it. This shouldn't surprise anyone as physicists have known this for quite some time, but it is interesting that they would attempt something like this without calculating the reality that they are changing what they are testing, therefore any readings they get will automatically be off - by how much they can't know without a satisfactory baseline, perhaps from a different method.
Judging by all the global warming research that I've read it seems as if we are making quite a few mistakes with where we put our sensors, what we are measuring, and what we had expected to find compared to what has always been or the natural cyclical atmospheric realities here on Earth. Okay so, that's my discussion for today and I am glad to have given you some new information to think about, information that you haven't considered the prior. If you'd like more cool things to think about, you might wish to subscribe to my articles, and I will tell you lots of things that you don't know.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Future Computational Visualization of Your Ancestral Tree May Get Some Rain From the Clouds

Have you ever gone online and looked at your family tree? Perhaps much of the work has been done for you, therefore when you click on a name, it tells of the individual ancestor, all of their offspring, and their ancestral line. What if it told you more? What if we took some of the strategies from Vannevar Bush from Bell Labs and his concept of life logging or recording an entire life? What if your future ancestors had access to everything that you did throughout your life? Is this possible? Let's talk.
You see, with all the social networking you are doing, you are putting more and more of yourself online. The Internet is recording every website you go to, every e-mail you send, every YouTube video you watch. It knows more about you than you know about yourself, and can probably predict what you will do next even if you don't know yourself. This might scare you from a surveillance standpoint, and have you questioning the validity of your personal privacy, it does me often enough. In the future personal privacy might not actually be a compound word or phrase that anyone ever uses, it may not exist, certainly not online.
Now then back to the ancestral tree, what if everything from your entire life was still digitally archived in the cloud. Your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and their grandchildren could look up everything about you, how you lived, what you did, and could learn from your life experiences. This would help them understand from where they came, and their genetic line, and the lessons you learned, perhaps the hard way. This would help them do better, accomplish more, and get along in a way that would help them advance.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift to your offspring's future offspring? What if you had all this information from all your past ancestors? Wouldn't that be of interest to you? Wouldn't you like to know what they were like, what they did, what they thought, who their friends were, and what their dreams happen to be? All of this could be possible in the future, and it may even be probable. In fact your mind may be re-created someday in the cloud, and you will live in digital eternity. Interestingly enough you may not be living in heaven, but you'll still be up in the clouds.
Yes, this is an interesting futuristic concept, and there have been a number of futurists discuss things along this line. As the coordinator for a think tank it is interesting that in the present period we are completing components that would allow this transition. Indeed I asked her to please consider all this and think on it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Space Ports - Supply Chains and 3-D Printing Discussion

Many scientists working at NASA had always considered the space shuttle more of a space truck. In a way that's true, it had a giant cargo bay and that is what it was used for. Was that really a waste? Perhaps not, because if we are to have lunar colonies and Martian colonies then we are going to need a rather robust supply chain, and we are going to need space trucks which can go back and forth. The space shuttle is a decent design, and although it may not be the final design of the space truck, we sure learned a lot in the process.
Don't think for one minute that that knowledge and technology or those areas of science will go to waste, you'd be mistaken. In the future there will be spaceports with a space distribution system. We will also be in the age of 3-D printing. However many of the molecules which will be assimilated at perhaps the nano-scale for many of the things that they make off world may not be available on those planets, or we will not have the mining operations necessary to dig up those materials there. They will have to be brought from somewhere else. Perhaps in giant hoppers on space cargo vessels, and they will be a very valuable commodity.
There was an interesting article in the Economist March 12, 2012 titled; "Ports in the Storm - Building Euro-Zone Competitiveness - Portugal needs to privatize its ports to reap the full benefits of its location. The latest in our series on reforming Europe's economics," and accompanying this piece was a map of all the sea routes which show Portugal's obvious strategic location as a hub port. I couldn't agree more, and it also noted the volume of trade coming through their three main ports.
Now then consider a future with people living on the Moon in human colonies. We will need distribution hubs. Perhaps orbiting warehouses, and places where the gravity dwell is much less than that of Earth to save on the efficiency moving products to and from. We may have satellite warehouses at Lagrange points as well. We may also have hospitals, space hotels, and Earth defense systems there in case we have to take out an NEO Near Earth Object such as an asteroid on its way to hit our planet or Moon. Yes, if we have colonies on the Moon we must also protect them from incoming objects at high rates of speed.
Have you ever noticed all the craters up there? Then you see what I mean. What I'm saying is we will need a superior supply chain, and it will exist in the future in a new era of 3-D printing. We will not be taking everything fully manufactured from Earth, much of the manufacturing will be done there on site, using materials, molecules, and alloys perhaps put together at the molecular level, and 3-D printed from there. Please consider all this and think on it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cultural Awareness and the Decelerating Development

Cultural awareness can be divided into two groups. The first group is the asymmetric individual cultural awareness. It is grown through the experiences, learned abilities and -knowledge in relativity with the membrane culture the individual has lived in. This also includes the base culture of an individual, the family culture, which influences in psychological development the most.
The second group is the mass awareness of the individuals a part of the host culture, combined into a larger whole from the features mentioned above.
So, how can we understand how the cultural development can be decelerated? We can approach this from the content of awareness in a mass. And then, by understanding the collective time produced by the combined individuals. The collective time of a population of 10 000 000 individuals can be for example be formulated to be 16 hours of waking hours * 10 000 000. This leads to the total of 160 000 000 hours/day. If all of these individuals are active members of society, then what they can in a mass accomplish would take for one individual 18 264 years to accomplish. That is, if all of the individuals would spend their time productively for the whole 16 hours/day.
The deceleration takes place in how the content of the awareness in a mass is divided. Their skill set, and knowledge, downsized with focusing the time available for a day to unconstructive actions and knowledge.
In order for the culture to avoid various decelerating variables, mentioned in this paper and in the vaster variety not mentioned, the responsibility does not fall as much for the education system as it does to the individual. Such ideals as the mastery of knowledge and such icons as polymaths do not appear to be as important for the mainstream culture now as it did in the time of renaissance. What we have in fact experienced is a decadence and deterioration of the highest ideals of humanity.
The time and development of the individual's awareness in existence is consumed by mass media, commercialism, values, and gaming. They are in the value of knowledge and time spent as a mortal irrelevant at best. This corruption and psychological pollution of commercialism decelerates the development of a culture. It slows it down and produces awareness that has no relevance to the real world. The icons of renaissance have been replaced by less than mediocre celebrities. And worse, the lives have been focused into a spending spree of dissipating ideals until the next season of fashion and trends of commercialism appear.